The Filmmakers

Howell County films started out as a collaboration between two boys from West Plains, Missouri – an unassuming little town nestled in the heart of the violent Ozark Mountain region.

Nick Coleman

thumbnailAn actor, photographer, and filmmaker originally from rural Missouri, Nick’s training includes years of community and educational theatre, collegiate study at Missouri State University, and private coaching in New York City. He is an owner and partner in Howell County Films, a founding member of the Missouri Film Alliance of Springfield, and also Element 8 Ensemble in NYC. For the theater: Sean (All Aboard the Marriage Hearse), Hutch (American Soldiers ), Ben Denbo (Single Bullet Theory), Dag (In The Parlance—OOBR Award). For the screen: Patrick Whistler (Larva—Sci-Fi Channel), Barry (Maid of Honor—Best Short Film, LI Film Fest), 30 Rock, One Life to Live, As the World Turns.

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James Sheldon

thumbnailJames Sheldon seemed destined to pursue a life in entertainment. His earliest memories of the professional pursuit came when he could barely string a few sentences together. They were marked by failed attempts of tearing the covers off of speakers to find the singers inside, and crawling into TVs to join the cast of Sesame Street.

A couple decades later, James found a more acceptable avenue toward the profession through a handful of happy accidents. An artistic jock, and a college student, he was majoring in anthropology, planning to coach professionally—4 years later he was touring in West Side Story out of New York City. Also an accomplished singer and dancer, acting in film has always been his most passionate professional pursuit.

James was nominated for BEST ACTOR at the 2012 Derby City Film Festival. Other nominees included Lance Henriksen (ALIENS) and Edward Furlong (TERMINATOR 2).

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